I like to make things. I need to be active with my eyes and hands. That’s the first thing. To connect with physical material, wood, paper, paint, the debris from floor sweeping. Beyond conventional art supplies, most anything that catches my eye enters the general drift of materials that flow into my studio. It’s all the same, to me. Fodder.

No theories or concepts compel me. And if any present themselves as I am working (and they do), ultimately I subvert them. The quicker the better! I find I connect to my materials more fully by fully shattering my intentions. I embrace entropy.

If my work seems tenuous, a bit trashy or grotesque, don’t let that stop you from looking. It has never stopped me.

If I could suggest a keyword to search in reference to my work, it would be, Anthropocene.

I enjoy the challenge of dimensionality. Boundaries between painting and sculpture collapse in my studio. Parts of paintings find their way into my sculptures and parts of sculptures find their way into my paintings.