Material Drift: Speculative Collage for an Uncertain Future > iG

iG, 2016, 35x25x13 inches
guache on RivesBFK, luan, commercial packaging, marker flags, tape, spray paint

You can see the title, iG, near center of this piece: cardboard fragment, cut square, maybe from a Fig Newton box. Text fragments cycle through the work in progress and surface sometimes in ways that seem significant. Each piece finds its own voice through these regurgitated bits of print and packaging. Some very fine brush work in aqua and alizarin gouache on Arches watercolor paper (left side) transitions into a central clutter of unlikely surfaces. Collaged advertising graphics (potato chips, granola cereal and a bowl of bibimbop over rice) blend into the composition, pushing the boundaries of reason when identified, but otherwise complimentary to an emergent form and narrative. Marker flags stick out perpendicular to the surface and challenge the viewer's space, putting her/him on alert. This piece is mounted on ¼ inch plywood. I used an angle grinder to delicately score surfaces and carve into the wood