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These are summer studio works made in Maine and influenced by nature and the timing of the tide. They are agile, eccentrically braced paintings and pocket-sized works that embrace the full effect (and spectrum) of shimmering light and colors reflecting off Maine's coastal water ways and through the forest canopy of mostly birch, quivering aspen, spruce, pine and oak trees. The works are 'elemental' in concept and construction, featuring lively color, wood grain and innovative joinery. They are personal and intimately connected to my experience of nature from the perspective of an artist/forager known to take long, immersive hikes in the woods with an eye open for art materials, edible plants and mushrooms. These hybrid works hint at physical forces and agencies that exist beneath the surface of things. These works tap into my long-standing appreciation for early 20th Century American painters who immersed themselves in nature, such as Charles Burchfield, John Marin, Marden Hartley and Arthur Dove.